BLU is the Italian word which identify colour of water: a precious natural resource to be used with care.
Rubinetteria Malgorani with the BLU project is trying to awaken public opinion to use such a resource in a more coherent way.
BE BLU means use water in a more rational and healthful way by using devices which reduce waste and paying attention that all components are specifically certified for alimentary use.
BE BLU means make aware community to water saving, pushing people to store rain-water for non-domestic use, but also to awaken local and national institutions to renew old public waterworks.
You can BE BLU simply closing water while brushing teeth.
Small steps for a great purpose.


All BLU series products are manufactured by using best raw material and more recent technologies; manufacturing process is constantly checked and every component is verified in its tightness and correct functioning. All components are certified under most recent European norm.


All components are worked on new high precision turning machine and assembled on automatic assembly lines computer controlled.
Test report are issued automatically during test.


All components are specifically manufactured for alimentary use and comply with most recent European norm. Machining and assembly is done on specific plants with low acoustic impact. Liquids and lubricant are continuously stocked and recycled.
In the BLU process all components and material used is recyclable.


Eurobrassblu 143 Brass pressure reducing valve for drinking water
PN: 25
DN: 3/8” – 2”
Outlet range: 0,5 – 6 bar
Red. rate: 10 : 1

Eurobrassblu 143

Minibrassblu 102 Brass pressure reducing valve for drinking water
PN:30 15
DN: 3/8” – 3/4”
Outlet range: 1 – 4 bar
Red. rate: 10 : 1

Minibrassblu 102

Eurobrassblu 143 Brass F.F. kit for pump and autoclaves
PN: 25
DN: 1/2”x1” – 2”x2”3/4
Threads: ISO 228

Blukit for pumps

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